Time-series analysis of albedo on the Agassiz Ice Cap, Canada

The final glacier analysed was the Agassiz Ice Cap (AIC) shown in Fig. 1.


Figure 1: Study site map for Agassiz Ice Cap. Coordinates refer to UTM (Universal Trans Mercator)
zone 18N. Contour spacing is marked at 500 m and AWS refers to the automatic weather station from which
data was collected. The inset shows shows the location of AIC within the Canadian  Archipelago with coordinates referring to the NSIDC sea ice polar stereographic north system.

The results were broken down into three sections. Firstly, daily albedo measurements provide an overview of the behaviour of albedo throughout the melt season and allow short term fluctuations from the norm to be quantified (Fig. 2).


Figure 2: Seasonal evolution of daily albedo on AIC.

Secondly, yearly averages were calculated including maximum and minimums (Fig. 3).


Figure 3: Yearly evolution of albedo on AIC.

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